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Pub Stories


John "Fast Jack" Farrell is the last of the old-time card and dice hustlers.  A Runyonesque character of a truly bygone era.  His trade was cultivated in the back of his Irish pub and mastered in the gritty underworld of illegal gambling.  Underground gambling has long been a world where a motley cast of characters gather: hustlers & suckers, sinner & saints, & stone-cold killers without restraint.  This is the world where Jack operated, this is the world that Jack dominated.  These are the exploits of the last remaining hustler...

Jack was the New England mafia's (Patriarca Family) expert card & dice mechanic. He had no equal. He answered directly to underboss Billy Grasso... the most viscous gangster Connecticut has ever known. Pull up a chair and fill your glass, this is The Last Hustler.  

Program for the nostalgia fight night. A motley cast of characters make for one hell of a story: Jack, world champions, New England mafia, and Whitey Bulger