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HandcraFted in the USA

"Scalawags Heritage Apparel is a premium pubwear brand. Founded in New England the brand embodies an every-man/woman ethos that often characterizes the region. Although unequivocally American, the founders draw heavily on their old salt identity and ancestral heritage to create this unique brand. Scalawags personifies your local neighborhood watering hole where a motley cast of characters gather to tell the tales, sing the songs, chant the chants, and drink the drinks. By staying deeply committed to its roots the brand refuses to put on airs, attempt to rise above its station, or go HIGH-HAT."

Scalawag: A common laborer toiling away on the docks. Often identified as a newly arriving immigrant. A scalawag may also refer to a rascal or scamp.

Scally Cap: Scalawags were often identified by their short billed hats. Hence their trademark hats became widely recognized as scally caps.

High-Hat: Refers to an individual who is trying to put on airs, selling out, big timing, or attempting to rise above his/her station

Celebrate Our Heritage

" We're selling a lifestyle not just caps"