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The blog is like your neighborhood bar or pub.  It's where we tell the tales, sing the songs, chant the chants, and drink the drinks.  Everyone is on equal footing... we're never going high-hat

Going High-Hat (Throwing Your Hat Into The Ring)

matt lynch

From San Francisco, James J. Corbett was largely responsible for transforming boxing from crude bare-knuckle brawling to a respectable "scientific" sport.  Where fighters before him learned to box in the streets, Corbett learned his trade as a properly instructed amateur.  Gentleman Jim attended college, worked as a bank teller, and was considered much more handsome then the stereotypical pug.  His victory over John L. Sullivan ushered in a new era for boxing & America.  He represented the era, a more refined & polished America. His reign coincided w/ the invention of motion pictures, making him arguably the first movie star, often portrayed as going high-hat.

"Gentleman" Jim Corbett