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The blog is like your neighborhood bar or pub.  It's where we tell the tales, sing the songs, chant the chants, and drink the drinks.  Everyone is on equal footing... we're never going high-hat

Scalawags and Danny O'Connor

matt lynch

Over 2 years ago Scalawags teamed up with boxer Danny O'Connor and Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys to redefine the traditional boxing model.  Many of the movers and shakers in the fight game have an archaic approach to the sport, often abandoning any real creative marketing  It's no wonder that ESPN boxing's main sponsor is Just for Men Hair Color- the sport has an obvious demographic problem.   Danny was a highly decorated amateur and a great ambassador to both the sport and the city of Boston.  Bottom line, Danny is a stand up guy in an industry of sketchy characters.  With Danny at the helm, the inaugural fight was staged at the House of Blues.  It was the first of it's kind at the venue and the perfect place to bridge the gap between sports and music/entertainment.  DKM performed, Danny was victorious, and new fans were created.  

The original poster for the House of Blues Fight

If the early Red Sox club had the Royal Rooters, we wanted to create our own smaller and unique fan base we dubbed Clan O'Connor.  It was an eclectic group of people: boxing fans, music fans, Boston sports fans, soccer/ futbol hooligans, etc.  Danny expanded his fan-base by becoming the first person ever to fight at Gillette Stadium.  He scored a KO win after a New England Revolution game.   They are a class organization who recognized the importance of thinking outside of the box.  

Danny headlined the first card at Gillette Stadium

Danny racked up victories in more traditional venues such as Foxwoods.  In one particular fight, Clan O'Connor led by bagpipes marched through the entire casino floor to Danny's fight.  It had to be the first time in history a fighters entire contingent held their own ring walk.  Throughout Danny has had Ken Casey in his corner both literally and figuratively (guy can hold a spit bucket!).  He worked his magic to get 5,000 people in the Boston Garden where Danny won a hard fought decision over ten rounds.  It was a night not many fighters get to experience,

Danny pictured with Ken Casey

Plagued by injuries and a very controversial loss last year, Danny took a brief hiatus.  He is now poised to make one last run at boxing glory.  After surveying the boxing landscape and gaining the approval of his loving family, Danny is looking to write one last chapter in his career. He doesn't want to look back and ask what if or what could have been.  Boxing is an unforgiving sport.  You play basketball, you play baseball, you play football, you don't play boxing.  It chews people up and spits them out with no remorse or compassion.  More often than not boxing retires fighters rather than fighters retiring from boxing.  The author FX Toole writes, "boxing is the risking of everything so you can respect yourself for the rest of your life."  Here's hoping Danny can channel his own Cinderella Man story and go out on his own terms.  Catch his comeback on October 30th at Plymouth Memorial Hall.  He will headline this Halloween themed card live on Foxsports1.  Maybe you'll catch him wearing a scalawags cap on tv...


halloween poster.gif