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The blog is like your neighborhood bar or pub.  It's where we tell the tales, sing the songs, chant the chants, and drink the drinks.  Everyone is on equal footing... we're never going high-hat

Going High-Hat (Throwing Your Hat Into The Ring):

matt lynch

John l. Sullivan was a scalawag from Boston's south end.  He fought hard, drank hard, and lived hard. Whether the squared circle or a back alley saloon, he bragged, "I can lick any son of a bitch in the house."  He was America's first sporting icon and a huge advocate for the modern Marquess of Queensberry boxing rules. He wanted to change how boxing was perceived by wearing gloves, timed rounds, rest between rounds, and overall more socially acceptable.  This upstart had a taste for the good life and was often criticized for going high-hat.  Legend has it he used his top hat to chill champagne on ice.