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The blog is like your neighborhood bar or pub.  It's where we tell the tales, sing the songs, chant the chants, and drink the drinks.  Everyone is on equal footing... we're never going high-hat

Throwing Your Hat Into The Ring...("Chicago Ain't No Sissy Town")

matt lynch

Saloons were the birthplace & incubators for the political machines that dominated large Democratic cities. Many ward bosses were saloon owners from members of Tammany Hall in NYC to the Kennedy's in Boston. These two men are Michael "Hinky Dink" Kenna & "Bathhouse" John Coughlin and they were the proprietors of the Workingman's Saloon in Chicago among others. They ran Chicago for four decades. It's referred to as the windy city because of pols like Kenna & Coughlin who blew hot air. Out of their bars they rigged elections, shook down gangsters, collected tribute, & controlled the cities rackets. They also gave rise to the infamous Al Capone.