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The blog is like your neighborhood bar or pub.  It's where we tell the tales, sing the songs, chant the chants, and drink the drinks.  Everyone is on equal footing... we're never going high-hat

Going High-Hat: (Throwing Your Hat Into The Ring)

matt lynch

 The "rascal king" James Michael Curley was a ward boss from Boston's south end who would rise to become four term mayor, congressman, & governor. At certain times he served these positions from within a prison cell. Like most ward bosses he curried favor among his constituents by doing favors- doling out jobs, paying bills, providing utilities, etc. His defenders would call him a champion of the poor while his detractors would call him a crook. He was an iconic Boston figure - an estimated 1 million people lined the streets for his funeral. He had an appetite for lavish things including high hats which was stereotypical of these ward bosses.