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The blog is like your neighborhood bar or pub.  It's where we tell the tales, sing the songs, chant the chants, and drink the drinks.  Everyone is on equal footing... we're never going high-hat

Crime on the Waterfront

matt lynch

A criminal element was part of a scalawags everyday existence. On the west side docks of Manhattan Irish gangs were the order of the day. A wharf rat named Owen "Owney the Killer" Madden would rise from head of the Gopher gang (pictured) to Manhattans most powerful racketeer . Prohibition turned street corner gangsters into bonafide businessmen. Madden would be most known for owning the Cotton Club, NYC most prestigious club. "Nightclubs represent in the mind of the mobster, the triumph of a new social order-- the acceptance, by society, of the underworld's uppercrust. Evening clothes, beautiful women, gaiety & money spell respectability to the gangman. & there is nothing he desires quite so much, having by one process or another gained the wherewithal, as to go high-hat & get away w/ it."

Throwing Your Hat Into The Ring (NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker)

matt lynch

Notorious NYC mayor Jimmy Walker (L). The son of Irish immigrants, he was raised in Greenwich Village & cut his teeth as a song writer on tin pan alley. A product of Tammany Hall he ran as a champion for the common man. He passed the Walker Bill which legalized boxing in NYC. He represented the roaring twenties- elegance & excess. Known as the night mayor, he spent more time at the central park hotspot "The Casino" than city hall. He referred to it as the "High-Hat Hut"...The publics tolerance for his lavish style diminished w/ the arrival of the Great Depression. He is a real character in a city w/ no shortage of characters.

NYC Mayor Jimmy Walker (L) in the 1932 St. Patrick's Day Parade.  

Throwing Your Hat Into The Ring (Thomas Pendergast)

matt lynch

NYC had Tammany Hall, Boston had Kennedy's, Chicago had Coughlin/Kenna/Daly and Kansas City had Thomas Pendergast. The son of Irish immigrants, like the other leaders he cultivated his politics as a saloon keeper. He was a power broker that built arguably the strongest Democratic machine in the country. From two-bit thieves to wealthy bankers, they were all controlled by Tom. K.C. was referred to as the crime capital of the U.S. The Pendergast machines lasting legacy is they were very influential getting one of their own Herbert Hoover elected President.  
#scalawags #nevergoinghighhat #politics #history#americanhistory #stlouis

Al Barr of the Dropkick Murphys

matt lynch

Al Barr of the Dropkick Murphys wearing the Heritage cap.  Al wears this cap when performing. He is a very gracious host and we are extremely proud to have his support.  Thanks Al.


Mike McColgan in the Dwyer Cap

matt lynch

Proud to have the support of a true Scalawag Mike McColgan. While @mikemmcc might be most closely identified by his trademark cap, he truly is a man of many hats. Veteran,  original Dropkick Murphys member, firefighter, activist, & now at the helm of the band the Street Dogs @streetdogsofficial . Here he is a houndstooth Dwyer cap. Thanks Mike

A Tip Of The Cap to Conor McGregor

matt lynch

Congrats to @thenotoriousmma on his impressive win last night at the Boston Garden. Here he is in the post fight conference toasting a glass of whiskey in our Heritage cap. Next up is the title. #scalawags#nevergoinghighhat #conormcregor #ufc #ufcboston#hats #style #madeintheusa

All Politics Is Local

matt lynch

Here's 2 of our favorites JFK and future Speaker of the House Thomas "Tip" O'Neill (middle) celebrating St. Patricks Day. Tip's quote "all politics is local" personifies never forgetting your roots & never going high-hat. These cliche holiday hats derived from that ward boss stereotype. Often plastic, perhaps that's where the term plastic paddy came from??? Regardless, they're as lame as green beer.

Chuck Ragan in the Dwyer Cap

matt lynch

Still buzzing after seeing @chuckragan & the Camaraderie  the other night. Here he is looking dynamite in our new 8 panel Dwyer cap. We are so inspired by Chuck & the effort he brings no matter the venue. As fans we often forget while this is our one night out, for musicians its just another stop, another city, another state. Chuck delivers every time w/out putting on airs or going high-hat. A lot of "musicians" should collect their pink slip after watching him.
#scalawags #nevergoinghighhat #chuckragan #winterhaul #hats #caps #madeintheusa #madeinamerica

Anti-Irish Cartoon

matt lynch

Another image by the founding father of American political cartooning Thomas Nast. Ward bosses in major Democratic cities foolishly thought the top hat symbolized their ethnic arrival in this country. Political cartoonists like Nash used it to further portray Irish-Americans as subhuman, violent, and drunk. #scalawags #nevergoinghighhat #history #politics #hats #caps #madeintheusa

Scalawag Conor McGregor

matt lynch

Proud & honored to present UFC sensation Conor Mcgregor a scalawag cap. He explained how he always kept his grandfather's cap in his gym bag as a superstition. Unfortunately it was recently stolen from his car. Here's hoping the scalawags cap becomes a staple in his bag & brings good luck. 

Conor is headlining a UFC card in January at the Boston Garden. He's had a meteoric rise from a Dublin City scalawag to darling of the UFC.  The Garden will be electric as he continues his quest for a world title.  He stays ready so he doesn't have to get ready...

Conor McGregor with the gray heritage cap and burlap cargo bag.  Gym owner Peter Welch observing from the ring.

matt lynch

Thx to @dropkickmurphys and @kendkm for donating tickets to a group of Marines in honor of the USMC birthday & veterans day in San Diego. They're on equal footing w/ everyone and never going high-hat. #scalawags #nevergoinghighhat #dropkickmurphys #usmc #usa

Happy Veterans Day

matt lynch

Thank you to all the veterans and active service men & women. They make the ultimate sacrifice & we are eternally grateful. Here's grandfather Jack Dwyer a marine who served proudly in WW2 and Korea. His influence on Scalawags can't be measured -from the politics and history right down to his trademark Donegal tweed hats. #scalawags #nevergoinghighhat #veteransday # madeintheusa